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Here you can find a selection of all the articles, posts and interviews that I have written for various blogs and publications in the past few years. Plenty of financial technology, inspiring founders and startups related things.


  • Growing the Greek startup ecosystem | Insights from Angeliki Pittarokoili –
  • The Italian ecosystem and building strong fintech teams | Interview with Marco Tricarico, Founder and CEO of Switcho –
  • 10 common traits of pretentious experts and fake entrepreneurship gurus –
  • “It takes a certain attitude”: Interview with Arduino’s co-founder and Coronavirus Makers organiser David Cuartielles –
  • “Our fintech community has come together to fight against COVID-19”: Interview with Head of Fintech District, Alessandro Longoni –
  • “Remote-first working could be a paradigm shift similar to the industrialization age”: Interview with Doist’s Founder Amir Salihefendić –
  • “The thread that ties it all together is building purposeful communities – or tribes”: Interview with Ben Keene, founder of Tribewanted and Rebel Book Club –
  • The rise of challenger banks and the future of SME banking – Interview with Penta Co-founder and CMO Matteo Concas –
  • The rise of tech in football: Interview with WhoScored CEO and co-founder Cristiano Acconci –
  • Remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint – Interview with Eze Vidra, founder of Google Campus London and partner at Remagine Ventures –
  • Making online forms intuitive and fun! Interview with Typeform Co-founder & joint CEO David Okuniev –
  • Building the leading sports crowdfunding platform – interview with Tifosy founder Fausto Zanetton –
  • 5 startups that grabbed our attention at Sónar+D in Barcelona –
  • It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur and investor in Spain – an interview with Jaime Novoa –
  • Interview with Ventura Barba, Executive Director of Sónar – one of Europe’s leading music and technology festivals –
  • Interview with Tamaz Georgadze – CEO and co-founder of one of Europe’s fastest-growing Fintech startups –
  • A brief overview of the Alternative Finance market in the Netherlands –
  • Germany is getting serious about Alternative Finance –
  • Spotlight on France: One of Europe’s emerging locations for Alternative Finance –
  • Pier 01 is Barcelona’s new HQ for entrepreneurs and startups –

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