Hi, I am Alessandro Ravanetti

I have more than 10 years of professional experience, where I worked with large corporations and international organizations, as well as SMEs and startups, both as a founder and as a consultant. I have extensive experience working in financial technology with all things related to digital marketing and content creation.

Currently based in Barcelona, working as a freelance content writer & digital strategist with a variety of startups, mostly in the fintech industry. I am also an independent expert evaluator with the European Commission, the Eureka Network, FundingBox and the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation, as well as an advisory board member with SXSW and a curator of the weekly Techstars Startup Digest about fintech.

Is there anything that I can do to help you?


What I Do

Writing & Copywriting

1. Create, review and manage a content marketing strategy; 2. Content writing, publication and distribution; 3. Website copywriting, blog editing and newsletter curation.

Marketing & Growth Strategy

1. Plan, implement and manage marketing strategy; 2. Build brand awareness and ensure that all communications align with the brand; 3. PR, social media management, PPC, SEO, SEM & analytics.

Startups Advisory

1. Provide time, expertise and connections; 2. Advise on every aspect of starting and growing a business; 3. Build long-lasting relationships with companies looking to have a positive impact on the startups' ecosystem and on society.


Companies and organizations that I worked with